Dietary support-critical for success: The LEAP ImmunoCalm Diet
As important as the testing is, creating a practical, delicious, and truly healthy eating program is what will improve your health and well-being. For this, expert counseling from Carrie Reynoso (Registered Dietitian and Certified LEAP Therapist) can help reduce or eliminate symptoms due to food or chemical sensitivities. Carrie has received advanced training in the management of food sensitivities and can help with adequate interpretation of the Mediator Release Test results. Upon receiving the test results, Carrie works with individuals, guiding them through the LEAP Immunocalm Diet, and identifying any potential allergies or intolerances that may also be present.
LEAP has helped thousands of individuals suffering from food and chemical sensitivities. Individuals have found they can successfully eliminate chronic health problems when they follow their LEAP diet. If symptoms are related to diet, then a dietary approach is needed to address these symptoms.

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